The blue percentages seen are correct under very specific circumstances. They are not meant to be used to determine item value or tier (P1, P2, etc).

Additionally, you will notice for knives where both sides have the same pattern (Butterfly, Falchion, etc), the percents are different. This is due to minute differences in both sides of the knife such as the spine and blade as well as the angle the screenshot was taken, it likely isn't perfectly perpendicular.

The goal of the blue percentages is to easily navigate all patterns. Whether this be to find similar patterns to assist in a price check or simply finding a pattern from an old screenshot.

Some factors that will change the blue percent are the angle at which the screenshot was taken, the float of the knife, how a pattern is affected by float (certain patterns will have more black spots), and the mask used.

Here is what the Case Hardened template looks like when my mask is ran through it:


For blue percents provided by pattern.wiki, they used a very strict mask and normalized MAC-10 and Five-SeveN percentages. Please keep this in mind when searching.

Here is what their Case Hardened template looks like: