CSBlueGem - Docs

Access the most current API here: csbluegem.com/api/v1


Removed /api as it's no longer supported. Use /api/v1.
Modified cache sizes.

Fixed bug in api when using origin filter. Thank you Gaelsuv for reporting this.
Fixed bug in Pattern Data CSFloat reference links. Thank you XynC for reporting this.

Added epoch time in api for Buff and Broskins sales.
Added current listings link.
Fixed a bug in "Search For Similar Patterns" queries.

Updated a bug in "Clear" not properly resetting "Sort" to reflect "AK-47" sorting methods.
Updated the CS2 Inspects logo - previous version was white text on white background if using light mode.

Reworked entire backend.
Removed /bluepercent and replaced it with /patterndata (which was previously /advanced).
Added more advanced filtering to /search.
Improved /trends generation time.
Created three different APIs for /search, /patterndata, and /pricecheck.
Added Changelog.