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About CSBlueGem

CSBlueGem was a project started in July, 2023 to bring transparency and ease of access to the case hardened market. The inspiration for the service is broskins, which used to allow users to insert an item's inspect link to view past sale data. However, broskins did not track sale history of all patterns, did not provide easily accessible sale records, and did not provide accurate prices. CSBlueGem aims to solve all these inefficiencies while staying free and accessible for everyone, forever. CSBlueGem wants to provide an easy way to price check items by viewing past sales of ALL Case Hardened patterns and enabling users to find similar patterns via blue percentages.

Sale data is actively scraped from Buff and CSFloat. If a screenshot is not generated, it wasn't generated on Buff or CSFloat.

Currency conversions are done for the date the skin was sold, not the date the query was made. For accurate price data, always choose CNY for Buff sales and USD for CSFloat sales, as those are the currencies each respective website uses.

I've also scraped broskins to populate a few databases of select skins broskins had data for. These skins can be distinguished because the float is to ~5 decimal points and the screenshot does not have the skin information. The prices of these skins are known to have a degree of inaccuracy.

The databases are not updated in real-time, as the code is published to an azure server, which I do manually. I plan on updating weekly. The date of the latest update can be found here.

To get sales within the week, please check out the Discord server. The skins in the Discord server's database get updated as they are scraped.

To get this bot added to your own server, use this invite link.

For any questions, suggestions, or to refute or report a listed scammed item, please reach out to me via csbluegem@protonmail.com.

Anyone is free to use this website and its information in any form of media.

CSBlueGem has worked with BetterFloat to bring our services to popular Counter Strike marketplaces. You can install this free extension for firefox or chrome.

Popular browser extension CS2 Trader has incorporated blue percents into their service. You can install this free extension for chrome.

CSBlueGem is a proud CSFloat affiliate. I earn a small percentage of every purchase on their service if you use my link when signing up.

A special thank you goes out to pattern.wiki for providing pattern locations, weapon screenshots, and blue percent information. They have a fantastic website that has a TON of information for many items, not just Case Hardeneds. I highly recommend checking them out and supporting them.

A special thank you also goes out to CS2 Inspects for providing the inspect link to skin data conversion. Their tools and servers are a valuable asset to anyone looking to delve into skins.